Inside the Adventurous World of Explorers Photography: Fine Art Prints For Your Home

What is fine art photography, exactly? Well, it may be subjective. However, the way we see it is that it's an embodiment of vision, technical expertise, and complete immersion in the world around you! At Explorers Photography, we create imaginative, aesthetically pleasing, and captivating fine art prints to share our journeys with all of you. To us, fine art photography is our outlet to share our passion, travels, and interests with fellow art lovers

Medium for Creative Expression:

At Explorers Photography, we're a duo. I take the photos, and my wife is the creative director. Fine art photography sparks my creative energy; it's my passion. All the prints in our collections are actual photos from travel locations and archaeological expeditions around the globe. When you look at one of our photographs, we hope you feel like you're standing at the destination yourself. Not to get too technical here, but we do use various camera techniques and tricks to capture that one perfect shot. We will get into that later, but first a little more about what we do here.

Behind the Scenes:

From Malibu to the Peruvian Amazon, we have been fortunate enough to visit so many wonderful places through our travels and archaeological expeditions. Our fine art prints are taken from various locations and countries in the US, South America, The Middle East, and Europe.

We love being able to showcase lively prints like 'Pizza in Venice'. This quintessential Venice photo shows off one of the many quaint Venetian side streets and the perfectly petite pizzeria waiting to open its doors for the day. On the other hand, we have tranquil, peaceful prints like 'The Moment', which was shot at a small quiet nook in nature in Malibu, California. This photo shows the true beauty Mother Nature has to offer.

We love sharing these diverse images; we know everyone has a different taste and style. The way we decorate our living spaces is so important, and we want you to look at our fine art prints and feel connected to the scenes where the shot was captured.

Where do we get our inspiration?

Well, from a lot of places. We've been influenced by nature, architecture, and our earth's beauty, but we also have a few human influencers. The works of fellow photographers like Paul Nicklen, Jimmy Chin, Garry Sarre, Erin Quigley, Cheng Han, Gregory Crewdson and Gray Malin, to name a few, have encouraged and inspired us to push forward with our dream.

See the Difference:

Using the finest materials allows us to deliver sharp, high-quality images with a stunning color payoff. While no camera technology can capture what the human eye can appreciate, our in-depth printing process recreates the scene as closely as a human eye would see it.

The choice is yours here. We want our prints to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your living spaces. We print on various types of papers and materials to fit your style.

product shot of sentiens photography prints

Our gallery standard prints:

We have two gallery standard options here, acrylic and aluminum. We print these on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive and Fuji Crystal Digital Paper. Their sleek look, stunning color payoff, and attention-grabbing details give them a more modern, contemporary look.

Classic canvas print:

If you're looking to add a unique backdrop to your home, dorm room, or office, a matte canvas adds texture, intensity, and durability to the prints.

Hipster/Bohemian Hahnemühle: 
Hahnemühle Photo Rag is a cotton artist's paper. We use this soft paper because it helps give the prints a three-dimensional appearance and more pictorial depth. There's no framing, and in reality, there's no need for one. Every inch of the cotton paper is covered in bright colors and intricate detail.


No matter which option you choose, our prints won't fade over time. We use only the highest-quality materials here to keep up with the gallery standards. Add color and life into your home.

Browse our gallery and best-sellers to take a tour around the globe.

We look forward to sharing more of our adventures with all of you in the future.